Preview: Among the Sleep

Among the Sleep is a first-person adventure horror game from Norway-based Krillbite Studio that has the player taking on the role of a two year old child. With an innovative focus on exploration and atmosphere, Among the Sleep promises to ignite the imaginations of everyone who steps into the onesie of this young toddler.

As you awaken in your crib to the disappearance of your favorite teddy bear, you are thrust into the world by a supernatural force that brings the crib crashing to the floor. Your bedroom door creaks open. As you pass through the door and into the hallways of the house, you get this sense that something isn’t quite right. The raindrops strike the roof above your head as lightning cracks, lighting up the room for only a brief moment as you enter the family room. The static from the television echoes as you carefully explore the space, concerned for what might be right around the corner. Finding hiding spots beneath the living room furniture is a wise plan, as you carefully plan your next movements. And while you haven’t outright seen any sort of threat yet, you can feel that something is nearby waiting for you to take one wrong step.

Among The Sleep - Chairs
Sights like this make you wonder what could have possibly happened here..

If Among the Sleep does anything great, its the atmosphere. Right from the opening sequence, you feel like you’re caught in a child’s nightmare coming to life. The environmental effects foreshadow the mood of the game, while the knocked over chairs and broken china in the kitchen hint at struggles that may have taken place. The physics-based puzzling feels natural and familiar, while playing from the perspective of a child brings players closer to earth than ever before. The entire concept feels fresh and interesting, while constantly bringing into question whether or not the entire experience is real, or simply a child’s dream.

Having just getting fully funded through Kickstarter, the gaming community can expect to learn more about the game as time goes on, while everyone is invited to try to open public alpha that Krillbite has made available. It’s a great experience, and I highly suggest that you try the game for yourself.



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