Preview: Arc Squadron

Arc Squadron by Psyonix is a space rail shooter designed to bring you back in time with classic gameplay and epic boss battles.

An evil race known only as the Guardians are assaulting the solar system and as the civilization’s elite pilot, you must bring them down. Featuring a 64-level campaign with 9 unique boss battles, there’s a lot of fighting to be done in the stars. Further, with its beautiful graphics and wonderfully designed environments, barrel rolling through Arc Squadron will certainly be a visually engaging experience. Most who see the game in action will likely draw similarities to the classic Star Fox, which definitely is a good thing. The game is also nearly ready for primetime, as it has already been released on mobile devices and will be ready for PC action shortly after being greenlit. If the last time you did a barrel roll was in 1997 get ready because the war for the galaxy is raging in Arc Squadron.


* Stunning Unreal Engine(R) powered graphics
* Sixty-four level campaign
* More than twenty unique environments
* Fifteen challenge levels
* Nine boss battles
* Six upgradeable ships, with unlockable ship skins
* Ten upgradeable weapons
* Steam leaderboards and achievements


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