Preview: Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

The incredibly unique and much anticipated Artemis Space Bridge Simulator is on Steam!

The premise of Artemis is fascinating. A team of players work together to manage their very own enterprise class ship, where each person takes on a very specific role onboard. The team’s cooperation with one another and their ability to thoughtfully communicate will be the difference between mission success and complete mission failure. Players have to skillfully work within their roles in order to give the ship a fighting chance in the frontiers of space. The Engineer can distribute power to necessary systems and overlock those systems to provide them with boosted performance, for example. Another role is the Helmsman (or pilot) that essentially traverses the ship through the cosmos for the team. Everyone takes orders from the ship’s Captain however, who sits amongst the players without a workstation for themselves, barking orders and commands.

Artemis is destined to bring social gaming back on the map with its fully integrated cooperative play that will bring new life to LAN parties around the world. If you’ve ever dreamed about being the captain on your very on space ship (or being the “Weapons Guy” on a space ship) Artemis has you covered.


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