Preview: Automation: The Car Company Tycoon Game

From Camshaft Software comes Automation: The Car Company Tycoon Game, a very interesting game that will interest auto enthusiasts everywhere.

As you can see, the idea of being able to completely design a vehicle and start your own company is a fun concept. The game itself will feature a campaign that will go from 1946 to 2020, and allow you to build your vehicle dynasty. You’ll be able to design the engine, the car, and manage the company all from dedicated interfaces. The game is still early in it’s development, as the developers are forecasting a late 2013 or early 2014 release, but as you can see, the level of detail already in the design of the engines, for example, is impeccable.

Further, this game shouldn’t be overlooked as a potentially fantastic learning tool, as there are many students out there that are interested in automation and the informative nature of this game could prove to be valuable in educational circles as well. Just by watching the developer commentary videos, I was able to pick up on lots of interesting bits of information, including the differentiation between horsepower and torque, the cycles of an engine, and more. Very informative!


  • Extremely Deep, Technical, Creative – Experience unheard-of creative freedom in a highly technical, realistic gameplay experience revolving around building a car company from scratch. Go ahead and build your dream-car company!
  • Dynamic World Markets – Master realistically modeled dynamic markets, distribution, and demand. Try to cater to the needs of over 40 different target groups and their needs, or find your safe-haven niche in a cutthroat economic environment.
  • Flexible Car Designer – Design the cars you would have in your garage. Choose from diverse chassis types and materials, engine placements and drivetrain setups, gearboxes, suspensions, brakes, tyres, and finish off you design with fully customisable body types, looks and styles.
  • Highly Detailed Engine Designer – Delve into endless possibilities combining different 4-stroke petrol engine configurations, internals, head types, forced induction systems, fuel systems, headers and mufflers. All based on different 4-stroke petrol engine configurations: Inline 3, 4, 5, 6, V6, 8, 10, 12, 16, Flat 4, 6.
  • Dynamic Engine Sounds – Turn up the volume and blast out the awesome fully adaptive, unique engine sounds that directly reflect your design choices.
  • Grand Campaign, Scenarios, Sandbox – Aim to dominate the world markets with your superior design skills in the grand campaign, play a quick scenario challenge, or just tinker away in sandbox mode to create the most insane engines ever.
  • Complex, yet Easy to Learn – While the game is highly technical, it is made easy to learn by means of well-illustrated in-game tutorial videos, detailed descriptive texts, as well as a multitude of tutorial scenarios.
  • Network Play – Play cooperatively with your friends or take your intuition for the perfect car design and challenge up to 7 human competitors in epic, multi-session network games.
  • Community – Join one of the most awesome and helpful communities out there, share stories about your exploits, talk to like-minded people, discuss your IRL car projects and engage in community challenges.

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