Preview: Cardinal Quest II

Cardinal Quest II is a hack’n slash turn-based rpg that will be available on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

While it’s retro style will certainly lure many into it’s dungeons, you will find that Cardinal Quest II has a lot more going for it than just it’s rugged good looks. While the game features six customizable classes, the randomly generated locations will ensure that you will always have a new experience waiting for you the next time you start the game. Further, while the innovative inventory system helps you to focus on fighting your way through the game, you have to stay sharp as the game features a permadeath mechanic that raises the stakes throughout your entire adventure. Cardinal Quest II is a game that has a ton of personality,  and it’s innovative gameplay mechanics will certainly help it stand out from the rest.


Turn-Based Tactical Combat

Use skills, items and the environment to overcome your enemies. Reflexes won’t save you in Cardinal Quest; you live or die on your wits.

Choose Your Destiny

Each of the six classes can be customised with a concise but potent talent tree. Your choices of items, weapons, skills and talents will define their strengths and weaknesses, shaped around both your personal preferences and the powers you find.

Streamlined Gameplay

Cardinal Quest II has a streamlined swap-in, swap-out inventory system. All the depth and complexity of an RPG – with no fussy inventory management!

Procedurally Generated

Each of the distinct locations you travel through on your journey is procedurally generated. Each new game brings fresh rewards and new dangers.


Put everything on the line! A single mis-step can end your journey. Dead heroes are consigned to Cardinal Quest II’s Heroic Record, which will forever display an epitaph of their travels.


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