Preview: Dethroned

Fairytale MOBA Combat

I’m definitely a fan of MOBA games, I think this is made apparent by the thousand or so ¬†hours I’ve spend feeding in DOTA 2. Dethroned by Treehouse Ltd jumps into the fray with a very interesting concept; Build your own towers and troops to down the enemy. Not bad. Not bad at all.

The game is in the early stages of development but Dethroned is already very playable. Despite missing hero skill tooltips and a few polishing details throughout, I was able to pick up and play the game very easily. The game is played by picking a hero and going against an opposing hero in a MOBA-style war. The difference here is that you actually build your structures and choose which troops run down which lane. Its actually a lot of fun having that much control over the battlefield, and it opens up a lot of strategic options. For instance, finding the right mix between soldiers and archers is key if you want to push through enemy lines. Its fun stuff!

Dethroned - Advance!
Advance my minions! Victory is at hand!

The art style is really unique. Its intentionally low-poly, and looks a tad rough but it works. The various heroes each have unique skills, and although I have no idea what they are actually called, they work well to splash some variety in the combat. I really enjoyed the gameplay, and I think the concept that the developers have here is spot-on. Obviously because its so early in development there’s some issues around combat and balancing, and that odd little bug that gives me a loss every time I win is pretty annoying. But hey, its beta damnit, so deal with it!

See you on the battlefield!


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