Preview: Distance

The first racing game to hit our preview section is Distance, an intense speed and survival game by Refract Studios.

For most racing games, getting to the finish line first is the typical goal, but that isn’t the case in Distance. While you most definitely race towards the finish line, your goal is to keep yourself in one piece until you cross that finish line in the quickest time possible. The tracks will feature obstacles forcing you to stay sharp and be reactive to your surroundings. To survive these highspeed races, your futuristic car will be well equipped with standard features such as the ability to jump, boost, and rotate, as well as the ability to fly. Distance is a game that is going to challenge you in ways that other racers can’t, so strap on your seatbelts and get ready for a fight to the finish line.


  • Multiplayer: LAN, Online, and Split-Screen play in several modes, such as Classic Race mode as well as Tag, Capture The Flag, Stunt mode, and many others. We’re targeting to support as many players as is fun for each game mode!
  • Level editor and modding tools: We’re developing a powerful, user-friendly level editor where you can create levels from inside the game and share them with players around the world. We’ll also be releasing other tools used to create content in the game in an effort to best support modders.
  • Exploration: Since the car can jump, rotate, and fly, you’re able to explore the city to find hidden paths, as well as find secrets that reveal the city’s past. Fans loved this aspect of Nitronic Rush and really want to develop a deeper city with a backstory of its own.
  • Visuals and Atmosphere: The game is being developed in Unity (as compared to creating Nitronic Rush entirely from scratch). This allows us to mature a lot of visual elements, and really go for a detailed look that supports the atmospheric world we’re building.
  • Dynamic soundtrack: Jordan (aka TORCHT) is composing a new electro/ambient dynamic soundtrack. Expanding upon his experience from composing the dynamic music for Nitronic Rush, he’s really excited to create a sophisticated soundscape.
  • Controller support: Similar to Nitronic Rush we’ll be supporting Xbox 360™ controllers and the keyboard, but we’ll also be doing our best to support as many controllers as possible, such as steering wheels and various gamepads, alongside re-mappable key configurations.
  • Windows/Mac/Linux:Distance will be released for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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