Preview: Dragons and Titans

Breathing Fire Above the Clouds

I have to say, I am a fan of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games. I’ve played a lot of DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) and would like to believe that I am actually pretty good. That is of course until someone tells me that I am absolutely horrible and demands that I GTFO (….) and uninstall the game. Maybe it’s time for a change of scenery. I wish I could just fly above the clouds on a dragon, kicking ass. Oh wait, I can!

Dragons and Titans sits you on the back of a dragon alongside 4 other dragonriders. The goal is to free your titan from the grasp of the opposing team by taking down their defences. As you take down enemy towers and obelisks, the shields keeping your titan captive weaken. Eventually when your team has destroyed all of the opposition’s towers and structures, the shields protecting the titan cage go down and you are able to free your titan at last, resulting in victory for your team.

Dragons and Titans - Battle
Taking this shrine down like a boss. You’ll be free soon, Mr. Titan.

Outside of being awesome because dragons are awesome, Dragons and Titans does several things very well. The first and the most critical in my opinion is the length of the matches. During my time previewing the game, each match lasted around 15 minutes. This is great because one of my biggest annoyances with Dota is getting trapped in an hour-long game that you knew was doomed after the first 10 minutes. If someone on your team feeds mid in Dragons and Titans, you only have to tough it out for 10 minutes or so until you are able to play another game. In Dota, you could be stuck in there for what feels like an eternity as the other team stomps you into oblivion.

Dragons and Titans - Bringing the Big Guns
Sometimes you gotta roll with the big boys.

Dragons and Titans looks beautiful and plays smooth. Considering how new this game is to the scene, it plays pretty darn good. Being a Facebook game, it may encounter some unwarranted flack from the Steam community but I’m here to tell you that this isn’t the next Farmville. I’m telling you that Dragons and Titans looks like its poised to make an impact on the MOBA scene. Wyrmbyte has crafted quite an interesting game here.

  1. i’ve to say iam playing DotA since i was 11 years old then I’m playing this game from June,this game is can be solution for studyer,collage or worker who have little time to spare in days because we just need 10-15 minute in 1 match.


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