Preview: Ether One

Ether One is an adventure game developed by White Paper Games that takes players into the psychological depths of the human mind.

Playing as a being known simply as a Restorer, Ether One takes you off the beaten path followed by most adventure games and submerses you into the very consciousness of others. The minds of these mentally ill people are scattered with their memories lost and fragmented, and as a Restorer, your goal is to bring these fragments together to restore the sanity of the person you are trying to help bring to peace. But when you are assigned to a special client named Jean, everything changes.

Ether One - A surreal dock
The vistas in Ether One are simply beautiful.

Ether One’s wonderfully detailed landscapes help lure players into the dreams of others and help create a unique and fascinating world to explore. Very rarely do we experience games that combine mindful art direction with innovative gameplay mechanics to create an atmosphere that while we are hesitant to enter, we never want to leave. The soundscape helps to further drive us deeper into the stories trapped within the minds of those the Restorer is trying to save, while providing a subtle reminder of the world outside. The result is a surreal experience that will certainly be unforgettable.


Restructure the world around you using your powers of restoration.
• Use memory artefacts to solve cryptic puzzles of the mind.
• Navigate a hand-painted world where science-fiction meets the English coastline.
• Immerse in a mature tale of love, loss, hope and freedom.
• Explore and be rewarded with secret locations and story artefacts hidden in each memory.
• Interact with your surroundings by rummaging through drawers, cupboards and more.


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