Preview: Frogatto and Friends

Creatively Classic

Frogatto and Friends is a platforming adventure game that will certainly grab the attention of both platforming fans and those who appreciate expertly-designed pixel art. Seriously, the game looks fantastic.

While I know that many people will be drawn in my Frogatto’s wonderfully crafted 16-bit pixel art, there’s more to the game than its pretty outer shell. Playing as a frog named Frogatto, you are able to run, jump, and even snag enemies with your tongue. Once you’ve got them with your tongue and you’ve secured them within the confines of your froggy belly, you can then shoot them out with significant force to accomplish objectives and take down enemies. The concept is similar to that of either Yoshi or Kirby for those who have played those games in the past. Its a lot of fun.

Frogatto - Art
Simply beautiful!

Frogatto plays very well. The art throughout is not only excellently rendered, but there is an impressive amount of movement in the environments themselves. The waterfalls flow as you run past, and when you dive deep into the depths of its waters the bubbles flow around you in the background as you swim on by. The world feels alive, and as you play you feel more in tune with the game and the level you are playing. Its difficult to describe, by Frogatto really draws you into its world while you play, which is rare for platforming games. Its sense of atmosphere really adds to the experience and its solid gameplay works perfectly with the graphical style.

Frogatto - Airplane
I love how content he is.. just looking off into the distance.

Its really refreshing to play a platformer with a really thoughtfully crafted world to explore. You talk to other characters of all shapes and sizes, explore the environments, and embark on a story-driven adventure. While this all sounds standard fare, the way Frogatto puts it all together is really intriguing. This is a game that you should be keeping on your radar, whether you consider yourself a platforming fan or not.

Frogatto and Friends is also currently the headline deal at IndieGameStand! Go check it out and pay what you want!


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