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Preview: GoD Factory: Wingmen

GoD Factory: Wingmen is a competitive space combat simulator by Nine Dots Studio that promises to reinvigorate the MOBA genre with customizable ship combat.

The goal in GoD Factory is simple. Take flight with three of our most resilient friends and bring down the other team’s carrier ship at all costs. Sounds simple enough, right? No way. What makes the game so intriguing is how inaccurate that statement really is; There is nothing simple about GoD Factory. I got my first taste of the game at Pax East 2013, and I can truthfully say that the game is as deep as it is beautiful.

While we all understand the concept of MOBA games, none have ventured into the realm that Nine Dots is with this ambitious spacefaring game. A major component of GoD Factory is creating custom designs and loadouts for your ships and ensuring that there is a working synergy between the ships on your team. Each component added to the ship has an effect on its power and manoeuvrability in the field of battle, so you must make conscience decisions with regards to how you design your ship. Furthermore, each component further modifies the cosmetics of the ship as well, which is always a welcomed treat. If you’re anything like me, being able to design a ship to fit your precise playstyle is an exciting concept indeed.

Strategizing with your team during the loadout design stage isn’t the only time you’ll have to devise an effective plan. Taking down the enemy’s carrier ship is more than just whacking it until it’s healthbar reaches zero. The carrier is modular as well, and as a team you can disable individual components that will have an impact on the battle at hand. For instance, if you destroy the carrier ship’s ammo depot, the opposing team’s munitions reserves will be penalized and they will not be able to refill their ammo to its fullest. This causes them to have to be more careful with their shots or run the risk of running out of ammo in a dogfight, which is advantageous to your team. GoD Factory looks like it just might be the game that takes the MOBA experience in a whole new exciting direction.


– Build your gunships part by part, changing their look, stats and abilities
– Four playable species with their own unique parts to choose from
– Intense dogfights that require to be up close to your targets
– Cooperation is absolutely necessary to win
– Many different strategies and roles to play in a group
– Multiple layers of complexity to ensure there’s always more to learn
– Oculus Rift + Joystick = Madness? We’ll see!


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