Homesick Interview with Barrett Meeker

While there are over a thousand games on Greenlight, sometimes a game jumps out at you for a particular reason. For me, Homesick did exactly that. It’s incredible atmosphere and intriguing premise drew me in, and as soon as I was done analyzing all the screenshots and watching the trailer, I was left with questions. Thankfully, I have now received answers!

Barrett Meeker, Creative Director at Lucky Pause.
Barrett Meeker..

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Barrett, and I am the Creative Director of Lucky Pause.  We launched the company a few months ago, and we started so that we could make games that have meaningful stories, engaging beautiful worlds, and compelling game play.  Our first game is Homesick, currently in production.

The premise of Homesick is very interesting, yet very supernatural. Do you mind taking a moment to explain how the game is played, and what players can expect to encounter as they venture through the game?

Barrett: It’s a first person game, you’ll walk around, interacting with objects in the world, rummaging through old cabinets, figuring out how to get into locked rooms, looking through papers, old notes, books.  Finding tools you can use to open new areas.  One of the main goals you’ll have is to help nature flourish in the apartment.  There will be two different worlds in which you experience the game, a waking world and a nightmare world.  In the nightmares, it’s still first person but the pace is faster, you’re running, there’s no time to rummage around for items, or pick up things.  It’s not really action gameplay, it’s a little more like a maze.

How has the game’s story matured over time? Has it evolved into more than what you had originally imagined?

Barrett: We started by initially creating the outline of the story that we wanted to tell, and as we continue to work on the game, we are developing the details and nuances.  Over the past few months, many facets of the story have crystallized for us.


Rumor has it that Homesick will feature Oculus Rift support! How do you feel that will affect the game experience for those lucky enough to be able to one day get their hands on one?

Barrett: Yes, we will be supporting Oculus Rift, and we are really excited about it.  We already pre-ordered the development kit.  Its hard to say how it will affect the game experience, because I haven’t used one before!  I hope it will make the player feel even more like they are a character, alive in the world of the game.

The soundscape and art style paint a very pretty yet occasionally grim portrait of the abandoned building that the player resides in. How important do you feel is the sense of atmosphere to a game like Homesick?

Barrett: I think the atmosphere is very important, and for some games, it has prove to be more important than the story.  For Homesick, atmosphere is the most important thing, and story is a close second.  The more you believe in the world, the more powerful the story experience will be.

Homesick mystery

You make a point of saying that the puzzles in Homesick are challenging, but always logical. Have you experienced illogical puzzle design in the past while playing games that simply drove you mad?

Barrett: Sigh.  Yes, I have come across that, but I tend to be pretty stubborn and determined to figure them out, so I wouldn’t say they drive me mad, but it definitely makes it less fun.  They were so unfun, I have blocked them from my memory.

When can we play Homesick!

Barrett: We are planning on releasing more game play footage in the 3rd quarter, and releasing the game in the 4th quarter.

Homesick bright light

What platforms will you be supporting?

Barrett: The game will come out for PC first, in the 4th quarter of this year, and then we will subsequently release it for Mac. That is what we have planned so far.

What game are you into right now (other than Homesick, of course)?

Barrett: Wrath of the White Witch – its pretty and happy.  I love Studio Ghibli’s animation.

How was your experience raising funds through kickstarter?

Barrett: It was amazing, completely amazing.  We feel so grateful for the outpouring of generosity and support, that has allowed us to make this game more awesome than we thought we would be able to do.  It was truly an inspiring experience, getting to connect with people all over the world.  We will be forever grateful for our backers!


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