Preview: Inquisitor

Inquisitor by Czech-based Cinemax is a action-oriented RPG with a focus on combat and dark-ages storytelling.

One could characterize Inquisitor as a hardcore classic roleplaying game. The graphical style and presentation are vintage by design, and the combat mechanics mirror those of the games of yesteryear. The most enticing element to Inquisitor is the massive scope of both the game world and the story. Boasting upwards of 100 hours of gameplay, the game can only be described as immense. Playing as either a Paladin, Thief, or Priest, you take on the role of a holy enforcer hunting down the heretics that have brought their world to the mercy of the divine. You will collect evidence and bring accused heretics to justice as you battle your way through the game’s 1.5 million words of text and backstory. Moreover, the open-ended gameplay allows you to exploit the world as you see fit in order to accomplish your goals, but be warned that your actions can have severe consequences. Inquisitor is a game with classic style and incredible scope that every hardcore roleplayer needs to take a look at.


• A wide, open-ended world for you to explore and exploit as you see fit.
• More than 200 weapons, 80 spells, and 7 schools of forbidden and allowed magic!
• 90 monsters and 180 NPCs
• Animations of the game characters, reflecting every change in the equipment, consist of almost one million sprites (i.e. graphical elements)
• 34 surface areas with deep forests, green pastures and extensive towns
• millions of square meters of exteriors
• Dozens of interiors, buildings, temples, palaces and forts
• 37 extensive dungeon complexes (including multilevel dungeons)
• 100 kilometers of twisting corridors
• Game environment design uses 50,000 manually finished sprites
• More than 200 weapons and projectiles, including many magical ones
• 80 spells with spectacular effects, 7 different schools of magic
• Huge amount of potions


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