Preview: Iron Soul

A Dark, Mechanical Future

Iron Soul by BluBee Games is a 3rd-person hybrid platformer that puts players in a futuristic, mechanical world.

Playing as H-25, an athletic robot who is just itchin’ to unleash an ass-kicking, the player embarks on a story-driven journey to uncover why they were created. Its clear that h-25 isn’t a ‘normal’ robot, and that it was created to serve some higher purpose. What that is, no-one knows, but in time you will certainly find out. As you travel through the world, voices etched into your memory seemingly battle each other to provide you with direction and motivation. The preview build didn’t reveal too many secrets as to why this was happening, but a couple significant clues were hinted at that may help answer that question in the future.

Story potential aside, Iron Soul brings a few interesting gameplay ideas to the table. As one would expect, you spend ¬†some time with your weapon drawn blasting baddies, but there is also a platforming element to the game. This may excite some of you hardcore platformers out there, but for many, it will provide an interesting take on the 3rd-person shooter experience. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of jumping platform to platform (I apparently can’t sense distance well), but I know there’s a market for it. The platforming in Iron Soul felt about right, and thankfully the game autosaves frequently for clumsy players like me.

Many people who come across Iron Soul on Greenlight will notice that the game looks great. My first impressions of the graphics were positive, and I particularly liked the look of the lighting throughout. While the demo only showcased a handful of enemies, they were all unique and required different battle tactics to successfully frag. The game is still in development, and while there’s some room for improvement with the controls and overall pacing of the game, BlueBee appears to be on the right track to deliver an interesting game.


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