Preview: Kingdoms CCG

Kingdoms CCG is a collectable card game developed by Antic Entertainment that fuses deep strategy with ease of accessibility.

At its core, Kingdoms CCG is a strategic game that allows players to build and customize playable decks and use these decks in both single player campaigns and multiplayer competitive formats. While this would seem to be standard in collectable card games, what sets the game apart is its presentation and ease of access. Kingdoms is designed to be easy to understand so that new players don’t have to deal with the both massive and intimidating learning curve that often accompanies collectable card games. This is accomplished through Kingdom’s fantastically crafted artwork and interface design, as well as a detailed wiki that does a great job explaining gameplay mechanics in detail. Add to the mix that its Free-to-Play and you’ve quite literally got a game that anyone can (and should!) be playing.

Kingdoms CCG Battle
The battle system is Kingdoms is both unique and straightforward.

While Kingdoms is certainly an easy game to pick up and start playing, it also provides incredible depth for experienced players. Featuring over 300+ unique cards, upgradable heroes, PVP, guild vs guild wars, and constant updates and expansions, Kingdoms will always give you a reason to pull out your deck and go to battle. I personally couldn’t be more excited.


  • Brand new battle mechanics
  • 21 amazing heroes to collect each with their unique play mechanics
  • 300+ unique play cards with new cards being added constantly
  • Single player and multi-player battles
  • Guilds, including guild vs guild wars
  • Free to play, free to expand your card collection

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