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Raise Your Blade

Kingdoms Rise is a multiplayer fighting game by a duo of Australian developers at Flyleap Studios. To say that this game looks awesome would be an understatement, so put on your armor and sharpen your sword, things are going to get messy.

Medieval-inspired combat has been somewhat of a popular concept lately with games such as War of the Roses and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. The rush of cutting down enemies with broadswords sharp enough to cut through trees made these games visceral and enjoyable. But what if I didn’t want to be a swordsman? Or an archer? What if I wanted to be whatever the heck I wanted to be? Thats a question that must have drifted through the minds of Flyleap Studios, as Kingdoms Rise features no classes. Players choose their own weapons, spells, and armor, which allows them to customize their character’s playstyle. No two players are the same, and so why should their avatars be?

Kingdoms Rise - The Fallen
With every one that rises, one must fall.

While the character customization and the pretty vistas will be enough to excite some, gamers are likely primarily interested in how the game is actually played. Kingdoms Rise features a 360 degree melee system which allows players to intricately control their the position of their weapon. Whether you are attacking your enemy or on the defensive, you are in complete control of whether your next move brings your opponent to their knees. Conversely, if you time your defensive maneuver wrong you might be the one in a bloody heap on the ground. The attacks aren’t on rails here, so a player’s skill is the determining factor in either victory or defeat. Its a very interesting concept, and those looking for competitive multiplayer will appreciate the high skill-cap that comes along with the combat mechanics. While I will likely be on the wrong end of every sword, I will have the satisfaction of knowing that my warrior looks cooler than yours.

Kingdoms Rise is very early in development and yet already has me excited. Its a game with a ton of potential, and I encourage everyone to follow its development as this 2-person team from Australia works to create a unique combat experience.


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