Preview: Project Make

Project Make is an atmospheric sandbox game by Verge Game Studio that appeals to both a player’s sense of adventure and their desire to be creatively engaged.

Mak is the rare kind of game that when you see it, you are instantly drawn into it’s world. Whats more is that once you’ve been drawn in, you’ll find that it is much more than just a pretty landscape. While the art style and graphical design are absolutely astonishing, Mak is a universe that is waiting to be explored and experienced.

At it’s heart, Mak is a physics sandbox game that allows you to build devices and objects with different types of cubes. Each cube has a specific attribute and functions in a unique way. What’s incredible to see is when large mechanisms are built using several different cubes, and watching as they operate seemlessly together. The objects and devices that you can build in the Mak universe will allow you to experience the game in a very unique way, as each person will creatively develop their own mechanisms. Mak will offer both singleplayer and multiplayer game modes, and will feature what promises to be an engaging plotline.



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