Our Mission

Greenlit Gaming was founded on the principle that we need to start talking about independent games and begin supporting developers who genuinely appreciate the patronage of their fans.

There was a time when being an independent developer meant that you did not have the same opportunities that others did, and that you had to be satisfied with using makeshift channels to promote and distribute your games. There was a time when, as a gamer, it was excessively difficult to find independently developed games. Worse still, there was a time when many people didn’t even realize that independent developers, or their games for that matter, even existed.

That is now in the past.

Today, Valve has revolutionized the way in which independent developers can promote and distribute their games. Using Valve’s very own Steam service, Steam Greenlight connects PC gamers and independent developers to provide developers with the opportunity to showcase the games that they are creating, while also allowing the Steam community to vote and select which of these games they want to see released on Steam. This collaborative system is mutually beneficial as it is providing an avenue for developers to get their games into the marketplace while providing PC gamers with the opportunity to have their voices heard regarding what games they want to play.

Greenlit Gaming is dedicated to covering the news surrounding the indie community on Steam, and will strive to provide accurate and honest reviews of games that hit the storefront. At the same time, Greenlit Gaming will share with the community hidden gems that we believe deserve your votes, purchases, and recognition. We are striving to promote Steam, its developers, and their games, so that we as PC gamers can enjoy these fantastic games we may have otherwise never had a chance to play.

Together, we can support those making the games we want to play.

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