Preview: Parallax

Parallax is a mind-bending first-person platforming puzzle game by Toasty Games that has very unique aesthetic design and gameplay mechanics.

Very few games will leave you mesmerized the way Parallax does with its captivating visual design. It does an excellent job of creating an interesting atmosphere within the game’s bizarre world using both its wonderfully designed graphics and its perfectly timed audio cues. Transitioning between two distinct dimensions, you must create a weaving path to the exit while propelling yourself through rifts and solving challenging  puzzles. Each level becomes increasingly more complex, requiring thoughtful planning and execution to complete.

Parallax environments
Parallax’s environments are simplistically beautiful.

Trying to describe Parallax in words does not do it justice, so I encourage you to check out the trailer below and see for yourself how unique the game is. If you’re looking for a visually engaging platforming experience, Parallax would surely be the game you’d want in your Steam library.


  • 25 mind-bending puzzles with moving rifts, switches and boost pads
  • Unique monochromatic visual style
  • Secret collectibles (not so secret anymore)
  • Original atmospheric soundtrack by Derris-Kharlan

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