Preview: Reef Shot

Reef Shot is an underwater adventure game by Nano Games that submerses the player in an interesting story with unique photographic gameplay.

Playing as an underwater photographer, you start your journey taking pictures of the various fish and flora as you drift forward into the open waters. Under instruction by Renee, the biologist who hired you to photograph these locations, you begin to discover unusual items and locations. As you begin to explore these newly discovered areas, new priorities emerge and your adventure drifts into a whole new direction.

Reef Shot fish picture
What a pretty fish. I should turn off the flashlight though, it’s messing up my pictures!

Reef Shot is a very unique game that allows the player to relax, explore, and unwind. The story carries the game forward, but the relaxing experience of drifting through open waters and taking pictures of anything and everything you see is what makes the game enjoyable. The change of pace from the usual run-and-gun titles you tend to see across all game platforms is appreciated, and there’s a lot to like about Reef Shot’s focus on exploration and adventure.


  • FPA first person adventure game
  • Involving storyline based on the legend of El Dorado and the history of famous, mad conquistador Lope de Aguirre
  • Engaging and challenging tasks: search for artifacts to discover the mystery and find new fish species
  • Easy to follow navigation system leading you through the plot and bonus tasks
  • Real and diversified fish species, Mayan glyphs and artifacts
  • System of supportive perks
  • Immersive and high quality soundtrack
  • Full English and German versions
  • Xbox 360 Game Pad supported

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