Preview: The Cat Lady

The Cat Lady is an award winning adventure game by Harvester Games that excels at scaring you to the point that sleeping after you play it is nearly impossible.

I would venture to say that I like cats. I also would suggest that I like ladies. However, there’s just something about this cat lady that simply isn’t right. Playing as Susan Ashworth, the cat lady, you venture into a world where nothing appears to be what it seems. Teetering on suicide, you enter the game at a dark moment in Susan’s life, and it becomes painfully clear how frail her emotional state is. What follows is a series of events that can only be described as bizarre, yet extremely fascinating. The story-driven nature of The Cat Lady starts to shine as you begin interacting with other characters within the world, each with their own personalities and motivations. The story takes you in directions that are impossible to predict, as the world often feels supernatural and full of unpredictable possibilities. Its a world where nothing can be taken at face value, and deception is around every corner.

Cat Lady confrontation
Being trapped within Susan’s nightmare is a surreal experience.

While it features the usual adventure game staples like item combinations and exploration, what The Cat Lady does best is creep you out. What usually begins as a strange, uncomfortable feeling is often escalated into unmistakable fear as the game strikes with its fear-inducing sequences. What makes The Cat Lady special is that it does not resort to cheap scare tactics. It is constantly instilling fear psychologically, and at the point in which you thought you couldn’t be any more creeped out, it finds a way to scare you out of your seat. The combination of its dark visuals, intense music, and stellar voice acting make The Cat Lady a game that will put fear into even the most steward of gamers.


  • Stylized art & animation
  • Over 8 hours of gripping gameplay
  • 70+ minutes of original music
  • Cast of 21 bring a down to earth voice experience
  • Also features songs by Tears of Mars, Warmer and Josiah Orsie

If you’re looking for a game to help you stay up at night, check out The Cat Lady.


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