Preview: The Red Solstice

The Red Solstice is a top-down cooperative survival shooter from Ironward that puts the player and their allies against ravenous waves of mutated zombies.

Set on Mars while a massive dust storm rages across the surface, The Red Solstice is a multiplayer top-down shooter that requires teams of up to 8 players to develop tactics and work together to survive. Choosing between 8 distinct classes, players must each play a unique role in ensuring the survival of the team.

Team fighting in The Red Solstice
Surviving in The Red Solstice will be dependent on your team’s ability to work together.

What makes the multiplayer element of The Red Solstice so interesting is how the experience designed to provide players with a unique and new game each and every time they play. The missions are randomly generated, as are the enemies that they encounter and the missions that they receive. Further, an Ailment system creates drama as player are afflicted with any number of ailments including poisoning and serious injuries that effect their ability to combat enemy forces. Each team arena match lasts approximately one hour, which allows each game to uniquely  evolve from start to finish. If you’ve been looking for a reason to blast hordes of zombies with seven of your closest friends, The Red Solstice will definitely be a game you’ll want in your Steam library.


Random System – most of the stuff players will experience will be random, from zombies they encounter, to missions they get, to items they find

Intense multiplayer for up to 8 players – The Red Solstice multiplayer mode features constant, intense action and demands players’ full attention and focus at all times.

Dynamic light system – power up street lights, turn them off, prevent EMP bombs from disabling the lights around you and much more…

Replay value – over 50 randomly generated missions spread across the map ensure an almost unique experience with each match, different zombies in different sectors, and randomized lights in each sectors so you have to constantly adapt to each new game.

Great emphasis on teamwork and tactics – within multiplayer games, strategic, tactical decisions and teamwork will determine the outcome. Scout your enemy, plan your movements, prepare and execute your tactics.

8 unique and distinct character classes – each with its own unique roles, advantages and disadvantages.

Ranks and medals – 35 different ranks and 35 unique medals earned through multiplayer play.

Fully customizable characters – 45 unique skills, 80 armor components to use with your Combat Suits along with various types of power-ups for your combat suit.

Rich ailment system – broken legs, open wounds, various kinds of poisonings that can cripple your character badly…

Singleplayer + Multiplayer campaign – Both singleplayer and multiplayer stories are connected, learn how to play in singleplayer through 15 missions, and use that to your advantage in multiplayer 1h survival!


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