Preview: TRI

Magically Puzzling

Well, there’s something to be said for games that look and feel great. I mean, we all appreciate the opportunity to unwind a bit by playing a game with a unique atmosphere and thoughtful puzzles. It appears as though TRI by Rat King is trying to deliver on that premise.

With its compelling art style and quirky soundtrack, TRI will certainly catch the eyes and ears of those who play it. In my limited preview of the game, I haven’t learned too much about my character but one thing is for sure, the beings that are coaching me through the puzzles and levels are bizarre. Speaking borderline in proverbs, these quirky gentlemen always have advice to give for newcomers to the TRI universe like me. I really enjoy their banter as it makes the bizarre world of TRI radiate with personality. And what’s with the damn fox? There’s this fox that keeps glancing across the screen, but mysteriously vanishes almost as soon as you notice it. I wasn’t able to nab a screenshot of it, but damnit, I’m going to try!

Tri - Explain Please
Why doesn’t anyone ever have time to explain? What’s with these foxes, damnit! Answer me!

The puzzling thus far in TRI have been relatively straight forward. You’ll see physics-based puzzles that require you to move objects around to trips switches and push buttons, and you will also find yourself navigating levels trying to hunt down the lever for that magical barrier. But just when you think the puzzling is of the tried-and-true variety, TRI throws you a curveball. Gravity soon becomes a force to consider as the world seemingly suspends you in a warped reality. You’ll have to do your best to keep yourself oriented as you will be traversing floors, walls, and ceilings to uncover the mysteries of this strange world.¬†Something worth mentioning is that there is just as much of an exploration element to TRI as the puzzling. You’ll be driven to see what lies beyond that glowing barrier because the world is just simply bizarre.

Tri - Landscape
Yeah, I can get used to running around a place like this.

I’m having difficulty describing TRI because it is simply a game you have to see for yourself. Honestly, its hard to explain!

TRI is a game that is still early in development, yet already is showing signs of being an inventive puzzler.


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