Preview: Ubinota

Ubinota is an artistic game by France-based Rotateam, which utilizes an interesting blend of painting and physics to create complex puzzles.

The wonderfully artistic Ubinota is played by painting segments of a three dimensional puzzle-world in order to establish various types of interactions between those segments and the rest of the world. By painting segments of blocks blue, for instance, will create a bond between them and hold them together against the forces of gravity. The goal of the game is to follow the young Lucien on his adventure while he saves people (and their houses!) from falling from the sky with his magical paint.

The landscapes of Ubinota’s islands in the skies are minimalistic yet strangely beautiful. The colorful art style is unique and fascinating, and the music is very relaxing. This is a game I can see myself thoroughly enjoying after a stressful day at work, as it’s calming nature is sure to bring even the most anxious person at ease. With it’s charm and wonderfully pleasant visual flair, Ubinota is a fantastic example of what creative independent developers can accomplish.


– Smart puzzles in 3d in a zen world
– Magic paints with improbable powers, allowing many possibilities
– The little adventure of Lucien, a trainee painter travelling through the sky
– More than 100 levels to discover in 7 different skies


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