Vector Interview

Vector Interview with Oleg Egorov

nekki-logoFor many of us, being forced to sit in a cubicle writing TPS Reports would make you want to escape your workplace as soon as you possibly could. Imagine what it would be like to escape an office complex and run for your life. Unfortunately for me, I would be caught by security immediately and be tied to my desk for the rest of my life. Thankfully, Vector has allowed me to plan and practice my escape so that maybe (just maybe) I could get away and live on a rooftop somewhere sipping on expensive wine.

With us today is Oleg Egorov, a Game Designer at Nekki and one of the brilliant minds behind Vector. Hopefully he can put my fears of being trapped in an office at ease.

1) What is Vector?

Oleg Egorov, Game Designer on Vector.
Oleg Egorov, Game Designer on Vector.

Vector is a game about a race for freedom, a desperate attempt to escape the system, set in a dystopian future. It’s obviously inspired by Mirror’s Edge and Canabalt, and combines the features of them both. We tried to enhance the fun arcade-like gameplay of the latter with detailed realistic-looking animations, while adding just a pinch of the atmosphere of the former, with its futuristic look and the euphoric feeling of always being one step ahead of your pursuer.

2) What inspired you to create a parkour-themed game?

During the development of Shadow Fight, our first action game, we created our in-studio 3D animation software ‘Cascadeur’, which allows us to make physically correct, realistically looking animations. It was quite natural for us to seek out a genre where this amazing tool could demonstrate its full potential. Parkour proved to be an excellent choice.

3) How did your team learn about the acrobatic moves that you can pull off in the game?

Mostly from Youtube. There are lots of awesome videos, showing every move in great detail. We would also like to thank Jump Evolution parkour school, that consulted us on more than one occasion.

4) Has Vector inspired you to try parkour yourself?

Yes, two of our developers tried parkour in Jump Evolution school. As for others, a lot of parkour and freerunning enthusiasts tried our game, but it’s somewhat harder to start running on the roofs after playing a game than to play a game being a hardcore freerunner.

Running for your life in Vector
You are perpetually on the run in Vector.

5) How do players progress in the game?

It’s easy. The game consists of series of ‘tracks’ – finite game levels. The player advances game story by completing its tracks one by one. Each track awards the player up to three stars based on their performance. In turn, stars unlock bonus tracks and new city locations. There’s an in-game currency mostly awarded for collecting new stars, it’s used to buy items and new moves.

6) What will make the Steam-based PC version unique to the other platforms?

First of all, PC offers us a chance to show how Vector could perform using the full hardware power of modern computers. On mobile platforms we are seriously hindered by hardware limitations. On PC we can use full texture size and much higher object count, create longer game tracks etc.

Secondly, we plan to make the PC version very moddable. Users will be able to create their own levels, change game XML files and even alter the animations using ‘Cascadeur’ when it’s released to the public.

7) What does the future have in store for Vector?

After we release on PC we plan to introduce some DLC if the game is well-received by the public. We’re also looking forward to seeing Vector run on Ouya game console.

Be sure to vote for Vector on Steam Greenlight!


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  1. hi there.. LOVE playing VECTOR TO MUCH..!!!!!

    what software did you team use to make this game??
    It’s look so natural for player animation.
    I just think how this game was made.
    Can you tell me some detail or some introduction how this game made?

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