Preview: Vector Thrust

Vector Thrust is a cel-shaded flight simulation game by TimeSymmetry that combined fast paced action with stylized visuals.

Flight simulators are few and far between on Greenlight and Vector Thrust looks like it can fill that void. While many will initially notice the graphical style, what makes the game exciting is it’s focus on accessibility and action as opposed to overly complex controls. The game will feature a full story-driven singleplayer campaign, as well as multiplayer component that will include essential modes such as Team Deathmatch. Moreover, Vector Thrust is being developed with modding in mind, which will allow the game’s community to create additional content once the game is released. While Vector Thrust is still early in it’s development, it looks like its shaping up to be a game that everyone who is craving some high altitude is going to need to play.


-Lots of modes
-Advanced Tactical AI
-Ace Squadrons
-Custom content
-Mods Supported


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