Preview: Wrack

Wrack is an action packed First-person shooter by Final Boss Entertainment that aims to bring the arcade shooter back.

Playing as protagonist Kain Sager, the player battles the forces of the Arcturan Empire at speeds reminiscent of the good-old days when shooters like Doom and Wolfenstein had you ploughing through levels blasting everything in your way. Wrack will also feature epic boss battles and competitive leaderboards for those who like to shoot for the high score. Furthermore, its wonderful cel-shaded art style also is sure to please!

Wracked Screenshot
The game looks great, but a screenshot doesn’t do the game’s pace justice.

Wrack represents the first in a series of episodic games that will be available after release via DLC. If you can’t wait for the new DLC, you’ll be able to build and download user-built content using the game’s editor WrackEd. Awesome! If you’ve been wishing for a high adrenaline fast-paced shooter, prepare to be blow away by Wrack.


  • Experience music and sound by the legendary Bobby Prince, who did the music and sound for DoomWolfenstein 3DCommander Keen, and many more!
  • Build your own maps with WrackEd, or create full-scale mods!
  • Time Attack and Score Attack modes, complete with a competitive leaderboard and automatic recording of your best attempts!
  • Play high-quality community maps with Wrack‘s “Featured Maps” system!



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